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Ojio Sport with Pivot Bikes at Newbury Park Bike Shop

Ojio Sport joined up with Pivot Cycles at the Newbury Park Bike Shop for a demonstration of the most versatile bikes on the planet.  We were happy to supply riders with all day nutritional support from electrolytes to protein while they tackled trails throughout the Conejo Valley. This event trailer brought to you by:…Read More

Why Do Cyclist Love Electrolytes?

Many athletes and teams around the world stay hydrated with Thunderbolt Electrolytes by Ojio Sport. In this short video we sit down with brothers Jake and Kyle Legge from the Ojio Sport Cycling Team and ask them how they use our mineral rich electrolytes to fuel their rides. Why Use Electrolytes? Regardless of activity level…Read More

BTW You’re Awesome.

A pretty simple message from Ojio Sport and Luke Sniewski. Share this with someone who needs to know they are an awesome part of life. Who is Luke Sniewski? Luke Sniewski is an author and Lifestyle Transformation Coach. With a Master’s of Science in Sustainable Food Systems, he is an advocate for environmental sustainability, since…Read More

Westlake Village Century Teaser

The Westlake Village Century cycling event on October 3rd 2015 was the Crown Jewel of American Cycling and the first of many charitable collaborations between like minded people and the great causes they represent. This event was open to the public. Details Below: •The inspirational Bonner Paddock is making his comeback & signing his book.…Read More

Ojio Sport in 60 Seconds

Everything you need to know about our personalized plant based performance. Welcome to the Ojio Sport community sponsored by the most effective whole food sports product on the market. We welcome everyone from any walk of life and want to help maximize the results you get from the work that you do. About Ojio Sport Most Sports…Read More

The Westlake Village Century at the Stonehaus and the Return of Bonner Paddock

The Westlake Village Century on Saturday October 3rd at the Stonehaus Vineyard is an epic ride traversing the Santa Monica mountains using a private route now famous in the Amgen Tour of California. Ojio Sport will be there in style with plenty of pre- and post- ride nutrition along with the Ojio Sport Cycling Team. Our pals with Cannondale bicycles…Read More

Welcome to Ojio

Thank you for choosing to explore Ojio superfoods.  We believe that good health is essential to happiness, and we are committed to sourcing only those foods that promote the highest level of physical wellbeing. Our foods are directly and ethically sourced from the most mineral rich, nutrient dense, micro-environments and growing regions on earth. We’re confident that you will love the great exotic flavors and…Read More

The Soul of Ojio Sport

What Ojio Sport is made of from around the world. Like souls each of us has our own individual set of goals. Some people exercise to add muscle, others are trying to lose weight, and still more are trying to simply improve flexibility. The soul of Ojio Sport allows you the freedom to get what you…Read More

Jason Wrobel on Yacon Powder

Celebrity chef Jason Wrobel talks about the flavor and nutritional benefits of Ojio’s yacon powder, which is an alternative sweetener and is full of prebiotic inulin.

Jason Wrobel on Coconut Palm Sugar

Celebrity chef Jason Wrobel talks about the flavor and nutritional benefits of Ojio’s coconut palm sugar, a sweetener that has a low glycemic response and doesn’t spike your blood sugar.

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