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The Benefits of Baobab

Baobab is a new superfood to many people living in the west,  while in it has been a staple ingredient of African cuisine for centuries. Its sweet tangy flavor and robust nutrition puts it on the blossoming list of imported new superfoods many people now have access to. ORIGIN Baobab fruit (Adansonia Digitata L.) is…Read More

Eating Ojio Alkaline

You may have noticed recently that Alkaline Diets are becoming popular among celebrity dietitians, and at least one notable doctor on television. The root concept of an Alkaline Diet is that eating higher daily amounts of alkaline-forming foods rather than acid-forming foods provides tremendous health benefits. Knowing why a more alkalizing diet is beneficial is the…Read More

The Power of C

It’s inescapable. At some point in your life you were introduced to Vitamin C. Your parents and a thousand commercials said you needed more of it for energy and protection. Even today most people continue to stuff Vitamin C rich foods and supplements into their diets more out of habit than anything else. Ever wonder…Read More

It’s Official Brown Rice Protein Is A Gateway Drug

Okay, despite the title there is nothing truly narcotic, illicit, or otherwise chemically altering about Sprouted Brown Rice Protein- it’s an organic whole food supplement. The only immediate effect it would have is to stop you from being hungry. However, the popularity of Sprouted Brown Rice Protein is growing like a new gem of performance in a fitness industry once…Read More

Ayurvedic Sunshine Smoothie

This cool elixir featuring curcumin rich Turmeric Extract can brighten up any day.  Mixed with coconut, banana, and an array of other incredibly healthy foods this spiced smoothie offers uplifting sweet flavor with a mild kick to keep you smiling. The addition of Vitamin C rich Camu Camu and libido boosting Maca also infuses the…Read More

Why Do Cyclist Love Electrolytes?

Many athletes and teams around the world stay hydrated with Thunderbolt Electrolytes by Ojio Sport. In this short video we sit down with brothers Jake and Kyle Legge from the Ojio Sport Cycling Team and ask them how they use our mineral rich electrolytes to fuel their rides. Why Use Electrolytes? Regardless of activity level…Read More

Ojio Sport in 60 Seconds

Everything you need to know about our personalized plant based performance. Welcome to the Ojio Sport community sponsored by the most effective whole food sports product on the market. We welcome everyone from any walk of life and want to help maximize the results you get from the work that you do. About Ojio Sport Most Sports…Read More

Is Organic Coconut Syrup Really That Healthy?

Syrup is the smooth talker of the sweetener world. It doesn’t have trouble mixing, isn’t too dry or liable to get clumped in the corner like a boring grain of sugar. No, syrup slowly seeps its sweetness easily and with great effectiveness into whatever someone desires. There are many sweet ones out there many can’t resist,…Read More

The Westlake Village Century at the Stonehaus and the Return of Bonner Paddock

The Westlake Village Century on Saturday October 3rd at the Stonehaus Vineyard is an epic ride traversing the Santa Monica mountains using a private route now famous in the Amgen Tour of California. Ojio Sport will be there in style with plenty of pre- and post- ride nutrition along with the Ojio Sport Cycling Team. Our pals with Cannondale bicycles…Read More

Essential Ingredients of Ojio Sport – Wheatgrass

When a health nutrition advocate asks if you would like to do a shot there is a good chance it isn’t going to be tequila. Since it was introduced as a dietary supplement in the 1930s Wheatgrass Powder has held a very special place in the hearts and minds of health conscious people everywhere. In café’s and…Read More

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