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The Benefits of Baobab

Baobab is a new superfood to many people living in the west,  while in it has been a staple ingredient of African cuisine for centuries. Its sweet tangy flavor and robust nutrition puts it on the blossoming list of imported new superfoods many people now have access to. ORIGIN Baobab fruit (Adansonia Digitata L.) is…Read More

Baobab Basil Lemonade

For this recipe we blend raw African baobab with alkalizing lemon juice, and fresh basil. The result is a refreshing lemonade you may want to make by the pitcher. At the Ojio office we love making this rejuvenating lemonade because this sweet herbal blend offers up  a healthy boost of energy during the day. What is…Read More

Cozy Hot Cinnamon Chocolate

Cold winter days can always use some warm coziness.  We think chocolate and spice are two of the coziest ways bring warmth to your coldest days. Here is a simple hot chocolate recipe that though warmed should still be raw and yummy when mixed together. Let the stimulating theobromine in raw cacao launch you into…Read More

Thai Relish and Bumbu Kacang Sauce featuring Ojio Aminos

Uses: Try the relish in salads and the nutty sauce over rice or mixed with rice noodles for a salted sweet experience like no other. Nut Free Option: This version of Bumbu (seasoning) Sauce can also be made with an optional nut-free sunflower seed butter so everyone can enjoy them! Other Options: We have included both raw…Read More

Shitake Quinoa Nori Rolls with Sweet Amino Marinade

From raw organic tri-color quinoa, almonds, avocado, and fresh bell peppers, these healthy rolls have plenty of nutritious ingredients all wrapped in one of the healthiest sea vegetables on the planet. The shitake muschrooms are infused with a sweet and salty marinade of low glycemic yacon syrup and our very own award winning aminos. Try this…Read More

Sweet Seed Nori Popcorn

Sweet Seed Nori Popcorn  hides healthy vitamins under a sweet glaze of yacon syrup and raw nori sheets. This breakout party favorite is sweeter than molasses but uses metabolism boosting yacon keeps it low glycemic, making a caramelized popcorn treat a guiltless pleasure. Flakes of Ojio Nori hide behind the sweet flavor offering potassium and…Read More

Ojio Sport with Pivot Bikes at Newbury Park Bike Shop

Ojio Sport joined up with Pivot Cycles at the Newbury Park Bike Shop for a demonstration of the most versatile bikes on the planet.  We were happy to supply riders with all day nutritional support from electrolytes to protein while they tackled trails throughout the Conejo Valley. This event trailer brought to you by:…Read More

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are classic holiday treats. Gingerbread men, gingerbread animals, gingerbread houses! All wonderful delights. At Ojio we are always looking for any reason to bake, blend, or mix delicious superfoods into classic recipes, and gingerbread cookies are a perfect match.  For this recipe we pair the classic spiced ingredients to healthy Coconut Oil, low…Read More

DIY Coconut Milk Recipe

Knowing how to make your own coconut milk at home is good kitchen wisdom. It can save you money at the store and help you avoid some of the overly processed options out there. The milk is often used as a base in recipes but it is perfect on its own as a delicious drink. So…Read More

Eating Ojio Alkaline

You may have noticed recently that Alkaline Diets are becoming popular among celebrity dietitians, and at least one notable doctor on television. The root concept of an Alkaline Diet is that eating higher daily amounts of alkaline-forming foods rather than acid-forming foods provides tremendous health benefits. Knowing why a more alkalizing diet is beneficial is the…Read More

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