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Ojio Sport with Pivot Bikes at Newbury Park Bike Shop

Ojio Sport joined up with Pivot Cycles at the Newbury Park Bike Shop for a demonstration of the most versatile bikes on the planet.  We were happy to supply riders with all day nutritional support from electrolytes to protein while they tackled trails throughout the Conejo Valley. This event trailer brought to you by:…Read More

Ojio Sport in 60 Seconds

Everything you need to know about our personalized plant based performance. Welcome to the Ojio Sport community sponsored by the most effective whole food sports product on the market. We welcome everyone from any walk of life and want to help maximize the results you get from the work that you do. About Ojio Sport Most Sports…Read More

Essential Ingredients of Ojio Sport – Wheatgrass

When a health nutrition advocate asks if you would like to do a shot there is a good chance it isn’t going to be tequila. Since it was introduced as a dietary supplement in the 1930s Wheatgrass Powder has held a very special place in the hearts and minds of health conscious people everywhere. In café’s and…Read More

The Soul of Ojio Sport

What Ojio Sport is made of from around the world. Like souls each of us has our own individual set of goals. Some people exercise to add muscle, others are trying to lose weight, and still more are trying to simply improve flexibility. The soul of Ojio Sport allows you the freedom to get what you…Read More

Ojio Sport Red Power Smoothie

Amazing Juice Amazing Boosts! Ojio Sport Red Power Smoothie Yum Votes: 1 Rating: 5 You: Rate this recipe! Print Recipe Try this Ojio Sport Power Juice smoothie once and we think you’ll be pinning this recipe to your refrigerator in no time. The Ojio team challenge themselves to many things. Between those adventures we come…Read More

The Ojio Sport Shaker Shake Up

Ojio Sport hands out this triple-tier shaker at events or sells it inexpensively products here. We decided to shoot this whimsical short tutorial on what you can do with it, put in it, and we even threw in music to shake it to. Enjoy!

Ojio Sport at Dodger Stadium for the LAUSD 5k Challenge

The Ojio Sport team traveled to Dodger Stadium for a healthy day of inspiration, charity,  and a family oriented 5k, all to benefit the Los Angeles Unified School District. Speakers included our friend, NBA star and Health Advocate, John Salley and a score of others. Once you get the charity bug you to want to…Read More

Ojio Sport At The The Sea Otter Classic 2015

This week around 80,000 riders, vendors, and fans of all types will gather for the Sea Otter Classic and there is no doubt that the Monterey Peninsula is a perfect place to fall in love with cycling. Alan Watts once wrote that the two most divine places on earth exist in Kyoto Japan and the Monterey Peninsula; but…Read More

Essential Ingredients of Ojio Sport – Chlorella

Chlorella as a modern green microalgae is one of the most heavily researched foods in the world. This microalgae derives its name from the Greek chloros (green) in reference to the high amount of cleansing chlorophyll it possesses, the highest of any known plant on earth. As a modern source of essential plant based protein it…Read More

Ojio Sport at Natural Products Expo West 2015

The best sports nutrition demands the best ingredients. We joined up with our parent company, Ultimate Superfoods to show off our sports nutrition at Expo West, the largest natural product shows in the world. USF is a professional organic food sourcing and trade company which allows Ojio Sport to use the best whole food ingredients…Read More

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