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DIY Coconut Milk Recipe

Knowing how to make your own coconut milk at home is good kitchen wisdom. It can save you money at the store and help you avoid some of the overly processed options out there. The milk is often used as a base in recipes but it is perfect on its own as a delicious drink. So…Read More

Coconut Candied Pecans

Sweet candied pecans are a warm snack of autumn and Ojio has added a new cozy twist. We add the sweetness of coconut syrup and palm sugar. The organic coconut syrup and palm sugars we source are made from coconut nectar from the Philippines. These healthy additions have exactly the same sweet flavor as processed…Read More

Is Organic Coconut Syrup Really That Healthy?

Syrup is the smooth talker of the sweetener world. It doesn’t have trouble mixing, isn’t too dry or liable to get clumped in the corner like a boring grain of sugar. No, syrup slowly seeps its sweetness easily and with great effectiveness into whatever someone desires. There are many sweet ones out there many can’t resist,…Read More

Jason Wrobel on Coconut Palm Sugar

Celebrity chef Jason Wrobel talks about the flavor and nutritional benefits of Ojio’s coconut palm sugar, a sweetener that has a low glycemic response and doesn’t spike your blood sugar.

Jason Wrobel on Coconut Oil

Celebrity chef Jason Wrobel a.k.a. J-Wro takes you on a tour of our award nominated extra-virgin coconut oil.  He highlights the many benefits and seemingly unlimited uses for this classic food, now called a ‘superfood’, which is revolutionizing the way we look at the coconut palm tree.

Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding

A chia dessert to chill with. This healthy vanilla chia pudding is a cool blend of everything yummy and delectable about nutritious superfoods. The flavors of vanilla and coconut are bonded by thickening chia and accentuated by almonds and the healthy sweetness of yacon. Top it with your favorite fresh fruits and share this sweet pudding…Read More

Jason Wrobel on Coconut Oil

Celebrity chef Jason Wrobel talks about the flavor and nutritional benefits of Ojio’s extra-virgin coconut oil, which contains one of the world’s healthiest fats to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and boost immunity. The daily uses for coconut oil today are seemingly unlimited!

Jason Wrobel on Shredded Coconut

Celebrity Chef Jason Wrobel talks about the benefits of shredded coconut and a few of his tasty recipe ideas.

The Benefits of Baobab

Baobab is a new superfood to many people living in the west,  while in it has been a staple ingredient of African cuisine for centuries. Its sweet tangy flavor and robust nutrition puts it on the blossoming list of imported new superfoods many people now have access to. ORIGIN Baobab fruit (Adansonia Digitata L.) is…Read More

Baobab Basil Lemonade

For this recipe we blend raw African baobab with alkalizing lemon juice, and fresh basil. The result is a refreshing lemonade you may want to make by the pitcher. At the Ojio office we love making this rejuvenating lemonade because this sweet herbal blend offers up  a healthy boost of energy during the day. What is…Read More

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